Packings, Gaskets, Grommets, O-rings, and Seals

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Packings, Gaskets, Grommets, O-rings, and Seals | Rubber Parts Manufacturer - YUANYU

Yuanyu Rubber Enterprise Co. Ltd. is one of the prime Packings, Gaskets, Grommets, O-rings, and Seals | rubber parts manufacturers from Taiwan since 1981. The rubber products including rubber grommets, rubber rings, o rings, rubber seals, rubber bumpers, rubber gaskets and more.

ISO & RoHS certified, 4,000 sq.m production plant, molded rubber products from rubber properties such as NR, NBR, NBR+PVC, HNBR, VMQ, FKM, ACM, ECO, CSM, etc.

Both with rubber molding technology and 37 years of experience, YUANYU ensures each customer's demands are met.

Packings, Gaskets, Grommets, O-rings, and Seals


Packing, Gasket, Grommet, O-ring, and Seal

Yuanyu manufactures various kinds of standard or custom O-rings,

We a lso manufactures waterproof / dustproof / air seal packings and gaskets in various types of materials like NBR, CR, EPDM, ACM, Silicone, FVQM, , HNBR, FKM (Viton...),...with different hardness and colors.


O-rings, seals, gaskets, and packings:


    waterproof / dustproof / air seal.


    Motor seals or packings parts. Acid solvent resist seals for high tech. industry equipment.   Waterproof / air seal packing for electronic instrument.

O-ring material for general use:

    NBR, Silicone, EPDM, CR, ACM, HNBR, FVQM, FKM.

Waterproof packing material for general use:

    Silicone, Liquid silicone, EPDM, ACM.